Amelia Furman

Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

My Biggest Fear

“What is your biggest fear?” is a common question during ice breaker games and if you’re like me, you come up with something not even remotely close to the thing that sends you into near hysterics with every encounter. A fear of heights is usually what I use to deflect this jarring, irritating question that has no place in surface conversation. It’s not that I’m lying...I am afraid of heights, but it is definitely not my biggest fear. If I’m completely honest, my biggest fear is me. Yep. I find myself absolutely terrifying and want to start convulsing in panicked hysterics when I consider all the destructive things I could do, say, or think. I have a lot of fears and they all originate wi

My Art Influences

In an effort to expand my knowledge and speak a bit more intelligently about art, I have started to read artist biographies. I swear I took multiple art history courses while at school for my profession, but based on my current state of ignorance, not much sunk in. As I started to read, I noticed that every well known artist has a multitude of influences that helped to shape their unique styles. This got me thinking....who shaped my style? Whom do I count as my art influences? Many are famous, historical figures I was introduced to in school, but there is also a handful that are my colleagues and are currently striving to make their own mark on the world. So, without further ado, my to

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