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Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

The Blog Red Carpet...

Sometimes when you are working really hard in front of a computer screen, posting things on the world wide web, it is really easy to get discouraged and think that NOBODY is paying attention at all. It is all just getting sent into the digital abyss never to be recognized or affirmed. Sigh….. Anyone else ever feel that way...anyone? But then there are times like these that you are reminded that yes, someone IS READING and PAYING ATTENTION and thinks that the things you are doing matter. Woohoo!! I was honored and thrilled to be nominated for the blogger recognition award by my good friends, Heather and Lisa from Made in a Pinch. We both started blogging about the same time and have re

For All Of Us Mamas Trying To Make Time For Our Art

Drumroll.......announcing my first guest post! It is a goal of mine to include other talented writers of all colors (mothers, artists, entrepreneurs, human beings in general, maybe the occasional creative cat) on this blog. I met my first guest blogger at Bible Study Fellowship last year. Her quiet demeanor, wise answers and observations, and her great laugh immediately drew me to her and I hoped someday we could talk more. I've gotten to know Eyrn a little better in the last couple months and she is something special. She helps me see things in a different light and I think you're really going to enjoy reading her heart felt words. Oh, and by the way, she has a new book out! You'l

Play It Again, Sam: The Why Behind Repeated Collage Elements

If you have followed my work for any amount of time, you’ll quickly notice that I use certain symbols and imagery over and over again in my work. Why? It’s not because I have nothing new to use. I have an over-abundance of collage materials in my studio! I am constantly collecting, so quantity is not a problem. Perhaps it’s because I’m lazy and decided these iconic pieces are “good enough.” Nope, that’s not either. “Good enough” doesn’t jive with my personality. At. All. My repeated use of certain pieces is quite intentional and something I have thought through because I will often intuitively do something in my art and then ponder and evaluate the meaning of that action at a later time

Learning to Play

I’ve come to a realization as the summer has started to become less magical and more routine. I am terrible at playing. I noticed this when watching other moms play with their children at the park and the beach. In the spirit of independent play (which is a really important concept, but I totally abuse it for my own selfish purposes), I tell my two boys to find something to do and let me get something done. Rather than jumping in the lake with my eldest, I sit on the beach towel and watch, or rather than constructing a train track with my youngest, I will frantically put away dishes before he wants to come over and “help.” Although I see this deficiency very clearly in my interactions wi

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