Amelia Furman

Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

How to Collect Collage Materials for a Project

“Where do you find all your collage stuff?” As I explain my artistic process and also help viewers discover certain elements in my paintings (this is so fun!), this question is often voiced. It’s a great question, really. Where DO I get all this stuff? In this post, I’m going to share my methods of collection so you can get to know my work better and maybe learn some tricks of your own. On site-- When I visit places, especially ones where I know I won’t be returning for quite some time, I will pick up magazines, newspapers, trail maps, menus, tickets and other items that help to create a sense of a place and my experiences there. I’ve also started to take photos of signs and other elemen

The Necessity of Margin

“I need some space!” A common statement by my eldest...especially in the morning and especially toward his younger brother. We all need a little space, some more than others. We need margin. Art needs some space too. Have you noticed this? Without some white space around a picture, it is suffocated and you can’t really enjoy it. The items around it cause distraction. Same thing within a picture. There needs to be some space and margin so a viewer can navigate around the painting or the sculpture. Negative space in a work of art is sometimes even more crucial than the positive. Margin. Space. One of my goals this year is create more margin in my life. I’ve known that I’ve needed to

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