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Paper and Paint. "

What Half-Marathon Training Has Taught Me about Art

“So...what do you think? Are you in?” My internal dialog went something like this…”You’re crazy. I’m not doing that. I haven’t done anything like that since college...not even close!” My friend, Sally, and I were running when we had this breathless conversation. She wanted me to train for a half-marathon with her. 13.1 miles. Of running. I really enjoy running and I love being outside. There is something that comes alive in me when I am out there, but training for a 13.1 mile race sounded way more than my 30+ body could handle. I had a lot of other reasons to NOT do this: I am diabetic and on an insulin pump. I have two young children. I am a self-employed artist working on my own to b

Lessons Learned from Wyeth, Hopper and Edith Halpert

I am not a huge fan of biographies or autobiographies. I always found them...boring. Man, it feels good just to say it. I’ve been holding that opinion inside for far too long due to the fear of what others would think. More often than not, you will find my nose buried in a fictional story. I love reading for pleasure and biographies really didn’t feed my imagination the way a good science fiction or fantasy story could. But something changed this past year. I started to realize I was missing something very important in my professional career...a foundational understanding of the greats who have gone before me. How could I expect to become a better artist if I didn’t spend some time g

How to Organize All the “Stuff”

In a previous blog post, I shared my methods of collage collection so you could know me better and also start your own (if you are in to that sort of thing). In order to continue to the explanation of my process, I’m going to share how I keep everything organized. I hope this also helps you not hate me if you decided to start collecting papers and now your home or studio looks like the after-effects of a New Year’s Eve party:) Ziplocs--I know this seems kind of silly, but the biggest way I organize my collage materials is via ziploc bag. I keep each project in its own bag, labeling the bag by subject matter, location label or commission name. The plastic bag storage keeps everything sa

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