Amelia Furman

Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

How Being a Mom Made Me a Better Business Woman

“Mom.” “Mom.” “Mom.” “MOM!!!” Lucas’s volume has risen to ear splitting decibels with each punctuated request for my attention as we are driving through town. “WHAT!?” “I love you.” I sheepishly thank him and reiterate his sentiment. This particular interaction occurs multiple times a day, but this time, it was different. I realized something profound. My sons were making me a better business woman. Sounds rather outlandish, right? Usually, the role of motherhood is seen as the death of a career or at least a huge deterrent. I completely disagree. And here's why: Delayed Gratification--Being a mom is all about delayed gratification. You get three minutes to yourself after the kids are

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