Amelia Furman

Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

My Quest for Power

As I look at the pieces I created for my “Quest for Power” exhibit, I see bits and pieces of my younger self in each piece. It is like a walk down memory lane. A dark one. A desperate one. A redeemed one. My struggle with power and control started when I was five. It came with the pronouncement from a doctor, “You have type 1 diabetes.” This diagnosis sent my parents into a frenzy and me into a world of fear. All of a sudden, I wasn’t a carefree child anymore. I needed to adhere to a rigid, structured life, daily data collection, measured food consumption, scheduled exercise, attendance to more doctors appointments than most, and then watch as my amazing parents tried to maintain contro

Why Power?

He looked at me with such astonishment and confusion. It was like I was telling him the sky was purple… “What do you mean I’m NOT King of this house?” This was a true, honest question from my five year old son. He was under the erroneous assumption that he was in control and that he had all the power in our home. Huh…..wrong buddy. Before you laugh at this preposterous idea, let me ask you how often we do the exact same thing in life. I know I have made this mistake. In fact, I still make this mistake quite often. I’m not in complete control. Unlike He-Man, I don’t have all the power. This is why I felt I needed to do this exhibit. I felt a inner urging to talk about this and so I wen

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