Amelia Furman

Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

2020 in 2020

There is nothing like a global crisis to force you to take stock of life and consider what needs to change. When January came around, I had all these grand notions of what a clear vision for 2020 would look like...2020 in 2020…. I had goals set and I thought I was leaning into a year that would bring renewed purpose and vision accompanied by opportunity and action. Well, things are not going according to plan. At. All. This last month and a half has been a roller coaster of emotion: Annoyance, fear, acceptance, anger, joy, compassion, sorrow, love, doubt, faith and numbness. I was telling an art friend of mine a couple days ago that for the first week of quarantine, I just wandered around

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