Amelia Furman

Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

Where I Find Inspiration For My Art

I am often asked what inspires me as an artist. The answer? Everything. Ok, that’s probably a small exaggeration, but I really do find inspiration just about everywhere. First of all, what does “inspiration” actually mean? We often toss this word around with such familiarity, when we might want to pause for a moment to make sure that we are clear on the meaning. Here’s a pretty simple definition: “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” So, another way this loaded, probing question could be stated is “What stimulates you to create?” While the list feels rather endless, after much thought and deliberation, I picked three

How Donuts Left Me With No Regrets

I got an email several months ago about trying a new project that involved creating larger than life donuts that would be installed at a business. Nicole Marengo, owner of Madison Art Consulting, thought I might want to give this project a “go.” She knows I don’t work 3-dimensionally, or have ever worked with donuts as subject matter before, but she knows I love trying new things. I have built a reputation for being willing to attempt the unknown. I didn’t jump in right away...I was intrigued, but I’ve figured out (through many hard lessons) to hold back my compulsion to say “yes” and really think through what this challenge might look like. I pray and ask for guidance when these kind o

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