"Connecting the Dots"
A Community Collaboration

 "Connecting the Dots" is my next creative collaboration with children and it is inspired by our local library .   Each year, our library puts together a summer reading program and my kids have participated in it from the time they were preschoolers.  Beth Gudmestad, the children's dept. director, asked me to work with them to create a collaborative work of art that will engage our kids throughout the summer learning program.   During the month of June, children will be able to stop by the library and select a page from a discarded library book that will be added to a 48" x 48" panel.    Kiddos from out of the area can also submit via email to lovelandlibrarychildrens@gmail.com .  After all the pages are selected, I will collage them onto the panel for a beautiful assortment of favorite book pages.   The collaged panel will join me for a summer reading program activity July 30th, where children can come and put a dot on the panel.  These dots will be numbered and connected and made into a design that celebrates the diversity and collaboration of our community.   If you want to read more about the inspiration for this piece, you can  click here .   The panel will be completed by the end of August for a big unveiling at the library where it will be installed for permanent display.  

All my past projects have been funded by agencies, schools and cities, but this piece will require community funding to make it happen!  This is where you come in.  I am raising $2000.00 to pay for the materials and hours it will take to create this work of art and run the activities that will help our kids participate.   Funds need to be raised by June 30th to ensure the completion of the project.   Any funds raised over and above the $2000.00 will be donated to the Friends of the Loveland Library, which helps to support and provide for this great center of education and learning.  

Donors will be gifted with a downloadable list of book recommendations by Beth and myself and those that donate $75.00 and above will be gifted a 6" x 6" limited edition print of the final artwork.  Each print will be signed and dated and numbered.  

Children need to be reminded constantly that they have something special to share with the world and it is projects like these that help them feel part of something bigger and encourages their innate sense of creativity.     If you have  a heart for creativity, books, and kiddos, I hope you will consider donating to this project.  Thanks so much for helping my vision and my heart for collaboration with children continue to move forward and change the world one masterpiece at a time.

Connecting the Dots (2).png

This video shows the panel of the piece being collaged with all the book page submissions we received throughout the month of June.  

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Sample Piece for Connecting the Dots

This is a test piece I created to show what the final piece could look like.  Created using acrylic paint and book pages.