The Good Word Collection

 Original, Mixed Media Illustrations of Good Words for a Great Year.


 Yeah, I know.  This is "normally" what my paintings look like.  When I started this collection last year, it definitely took people by surprise.  It took me by surprise, too! 
I wasn't planning on working on something akin to word illustrations, but it happened and I went with it.  I'm really glad I did.  It was a transformative experience for me. 

I found that the practice of illustrating meaningful words helped move them from my head as a "great idea" to my heart as a "spiritual prompting" for change.  I also found that working with just collage pieces for creating a finished painting played into my mixed media paintings for the rest of the year.  My collage backgrounds were stronger and more meaningful in doing this "beginning of the year" practice.   These words started to infiltrate and become layers of meaning in my larger landscape works, which kind of blew my mind!

This year, you'll find 8 new word paintings.  Each piece is create with much thought and care and with the intention of bringing the richness of these words to life for my collectors (and myself!) .     

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