Amelia Furman

Mixed Media Artist

"Telling Stories with
Paper and Paint. "

Good Word Collection

Mixed Media Originals, Prints, Magnets and Cards to help you stay focused on words that matter.
I so excited to share a new collection of mixed media work that is based on words that visually remind us of what we want in life.  We have such good intentions as the new year begins....what happens?  Distraction  and loss of motivation.  
That's where my collection can help.  
The Good Word Collection works as a visual reminder in three different forms:  Canvas Prints, Magnets and Note Cards.  
Pick the form that works best for you and helps you  stay the course.
Here's to Good Words for a Great Year! 

Word Guide

 A guide to help you find your
word for the year.

Your Word

in a custom necklace by
artist, Amy Iversen

Good Word Guide.jpg

Click the link, fill out the form, download the guide and get started! 



I offer zoom workshops for groups and individuals interested and making a Good Word piece of your own.  For information about pricing for 1 : 1  and group workshops and for scheduling a time, contact me below. 


If you're interested in having a custom Good Word piece, please get in touch!  I am doing custom pieces, 6 x 6 for 185.00 each. This includes a frame and FREE shipping.