"Ask" 6 x 6

"Ask" 6 x 6


It is really hard to ask.

Ask questions, ask for help, ask for forgiveness, ask for permission.


They all place us in an uncomfortable position of vulnerability for a bit.

But here's the thing, asking may be very scary or hard to start, but it is so rewarding.


We learn. We connect. We find peace.


"Ask" is a word I want in my life this year. I want to get really good at sitting in that vulnerable place and growing accustomed to asking. It's not an easy word, but most good things in life are a bit challenging 😉


This 6" x 6" original artwork is created using paper collage, acrylic and colored pencil on hardboard panel.  "Ask" is sealed with an acrylic varnish and comes framed in a simple black frame, wired and ready to display.