We breathe without thinking. Our bodies do this automatically, but the meaning of the word goes deeper than just physical breath. We need our spirits and minds to breathe. That’s not quite as intuitive. We need breathing room, which entails leaving a margin within our schedules for recuperation and refreshment. To me, “Breathe” looks like taking time to chew my food and relishing it rather than trying to work through lunch. It also looks like stopping and taking a walk for no other reason than to take a walk. It means pausing before responding to my kids in anger or praying before I compulsively sign up for another thing to do. What does “breathe” mean for you?


Related Words:  "Rest," "Pause," "Enjoy," "Be Still," "Present," "Presence" "Mindfulness"


"Breathe" is created with a light-fast canvas vinyl print adhered to a finished wooden tile. Each magnet includes two high powered magnet strips and is signed and dated on the back. These magnets work well individually or as a set.

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"Breathe" Art Magnet, 3 x 3