"Learn" 6 x 6

"Learn" 6 x 6


When I was in college, I briefly entertained the idea of becoming a professional student.   I absolutely love learning.  I love taking classes, reading books, trying new things (well, within reason...I'm not going to go out and eat some bugs or jump off a bridge...at least not yet).  This practice is so important to me as a person because I value growing and improving.  I value becoming more like the person God has designed me to be.  So, maybe I did become a professional student.  Just so you know, the pay is terrible. 


 A big step for me this past year was seeing that failure is a part of learning.  When I replaced my fear of failure with a love of learning, all of a sudden,  I started doing a lot of things I would never have dreamed of.  Getting in front of cameras, teaching, creating artwork that came just from my heart,  speaking of my faith more honestly,  joining a soccer league at the age of 40.   


This word illustration of "Learn" is a reminder to me that learning is way more powerful than any failure I encounter and that it's a worthy pursuit.  I can't wait to see what I learn this year and the ones to come. 


This 6" x 6" original artwork is created using paper collage, acrylic and colored pencil on hardboard panel.  "Learn" is sealed with an acrylic varnish and comes framed in a simple black frame, wired and ready to display.