"Rest" is a good word hard to come by in our society of busy.  But without rest and recuperation, we lose our ability to be who we were meant to be.  We were made for rest and rather than deny this need, we should celebrate it.  So, go ahead, find that chair, stick your legs up and smile.   You were made for times of rest. Let this good word help you take those breaks.  


Related Words:  "Relax," "Calm," "Peace," "Be Still,"  "Downtime" 


"Rest" is created with a light-fast canvas vinyl print adhered to a finished wooden tile. Each magnet includes two high powered magnet strips and is signed and dated on the back. These magnets work well individually or as a set.

Price of this piece includes FREE shipping anywhere in the Continental US.

"Rest" Art Magnet, 3 x 3