"The Legacy Tree" 24" x 24"

"The Legacy Tree" 24" x 24"


My grandparents have a bean tree right next to their yard and I remember grandpa picking up the bean pods all the time. I don't think it was his favorite tree ( especially since it wasn't in his yard), but when I see a bean tree, I think of him and all that he has taught me.

.... Don't be ashamed of who you are.

....Time is precious, use it well.

....Laugh often and loud.


This piece is called "The Legacy Tree" and my grandpa's lessons drop into my heart just like the bean pods. I get to pick them up everyday and choose to live them out and pass them on to others.


This piece was created using paper collage and oil on cradled panel.  It's is finished with a Gamvar Retouch Varnish and wired to hang. 

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