When I think of the word "thirst" I think about my body's instinctual way of telling me I need to hydrate.  We listen to this physical need pretty well and pretty naturally, but do we listen to the needs of our hearts?  Are we aware of the desert within our souls and our minds?   I need this reminder so that I pay attention to the things that satisfy the "thirst" within.  Am I drinking deeply from life giving springs like play, rest, prayer, self-care and creativity, or am I pushing and ignoring what my heart has been whispering to me?  


Related Words:  "Desire," "Nurture," "Go," "Play," "Create," "Abide" "Reach," "Seek" "Explore"


"Thirst" is created with a light-fast canvas vinyl print adhered to a finished wooden tile. Each magnet includes two high powered magnet strips and is signed and dated on the back. These magnets work well individually or as a set.

Free shipping is included in the price.

"Thirst" Art Magnet, 3 x 3