"What Remains"  6" x 6"

"What Remains" 6" x 6"


To me, this image speaks about the passage of time  and constantly changing environment that we find ourselves in.  Nothing is constant.  There is a constant cycle of life and death, over and over again.  We long for something beyond that.  Something truer and greater than this cycle we find ourselves in.  I think that this desire is our searching for the eternal.  The whispers deep within in hearts that say there is more.    We get glimpses of eternity in the form of faith, hope and love.  The three virtues that remain when all else is gone.  


This piece is created using paper collage and oil on cradled panel.  The collage materials are wrapped around the edges for easy display.  Varnished with a oil-based retouch varnish and wired to hang.  

  • Need to rethink your purchase and return the painting?  Certainly.  I'm happy to take returns of pieces if completed within 14 days of the purchase.  Client will be responsible for return shipping. When piece arrives back in the studio in the same condition, I'll grant a full refund for the purchase price of the piece.