When I think of the word "wish," I imagine a birthday party where the birthday boy or girl is urged to make a wish before blowing out the candles of the cake. The wonder of a wish is that you are giving form to a deep desire. It's the first move in bringing something to life. It starts with a wish, then it moves to a dream, then a goal and then a plan. This piece is to remind us that we need to keep wishing for that is where change is ignited.


Related words: "Hope," "Dream," "Ponder," "Wonder"


"Wish" is created with a light-fast canvas vinyl print adhered to a finished wooden tile. Each magnet includes two high powered magnet strips and is signed and dated on the back. These magnets work well individually or as a set.


Free shipping included in the price for anywhere in the Continental US.  


"Wish" Art Magnet, 3 x 3