"Wonder" 6 x 6

"Wonder" 6 x 6


I believe in asking questions and being curious.  Rather than rapidly turning away from something that confuses me, I seek to learn more and consider the reasons behind something or the intent of someone.   The power of wonder is that it expands our minds to think behind what we know and makes us comfortable.  The complexity of life around us shouldn't be limited to our finite understanding.  If we allow for "wonder" in our lives, we open up to more possbility, more empathy, more compassion, and more life. 


Related Words: "Explore,"  "Seek," "Imagine,"  "Curious," "Question," "Consider,"  "Learn"


This 6" x 6" original artwork is created using paper collage, acrylic and colored pencil on hardboard panel.  "Wonder" is sealed with an acrylic varnish and comes framed in a simple black frame, wired and ready to display.  

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