How Nature Can Unlock Deep Truths

Lucas enjoying the sun.

When I am having a bad day, I find that the most effective remedy is getting outside. In some mysterious way, nature brings me back to myself. I find this true for the rest of my family. Nothing gets the Furmans out of a “funk” like running around in our backyard, the sun kissing our skin and the breeze teasing our hair. Ah…..better.

I’m sure there are many scientific and biological reasons why getting outside re-aligns us, but you’ll have to read another blog to get those answers. I would rather muse about the deeper truths of which nature reminds me. There are many, but three that tend to bring healing to my soul when I’m most needing it.

Time--Things take time. We tend to forget this in our fast-paced world, but if you spend time in the woods, at the beach, in any natural setting, it becomes very clear that nature is not in a hurry and that good things require a process and copious amounts of time. I need to be reminded of this on a daily basis since I tend to want everything to be fixed or finished yesterday. As you spend more time with my work, you’ll notice that elements of time are a constant presence in my art. That’s just me working through my issues with time.

Consistency--I thrive on consistency. I feel safe when things are predictable and routine. That was one

Gold Season I 18 x 18

of the things that drew me to my husband….rock solid consistency. I see this principle in nature too and it brings me peace when life is chaotic and anything but predictable. I know the sun will rise every morning, I know the Rocky mountains will always be to the West. Fall generally comes in September and the leaves start changing in October. There will be fresh, white snow by December (usually) and green will return once again to Colorado sometime in June.

I also call this idea of consistency, faithfulness. I feel safe and secure enjoying the outdoors because our environment is pretty faithful and I need that.

Something Bigger-- I know I may lose some of you here, but I feel like nature’s consistency, intricate detail and processes point to something (or someone) bigger and that is by far, the most important truth nature provides for me. I need to know I’m not alone and that there is a reason I’m doing this thing called life. I see an artistic masterpiece every time I step outside, continuously amazing and of the highest quality, but always slightly different. As an artist, this blows my mind and it always sends me on a hunt to know the Maker of this Masterpiece just a little bit better.

Next time you are checking out my work, take a moment and see if you can find these three truths lurking in the backgrounds of the landscapes I paint. I would love to know what you find. You can click here to get to my latest works.

The End is Only the Beginning 18 x 18

So, three little things to learn from nature. What are some deeper truths that nature has taught you and what have you done with those ideas?

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