The Many Layers of Me and My Art: The Why Behind My Art (Part 3)

Why do I make art? This is a daunting question. It’s like asking fish why they swim or children why they feel a deep need to explore. Artist statements usually evolve and change over time. Mine has and it will continue to change as I uncover more and more reasons why I create the way I do, but I have a few thoughts to share at this point in my career…

My purpose in art-making goes back to my love of stories. Every location has a history filled with experiences, artifacts, images, documents, etc. And these all tell a story. Along with finding out aspects of a place’s story, I enjoy adding my own story into the place, sharing collage elements related to my experiences and associations with that location. I create mixed media, layered expressions because I find this is the most effective way for me to relate the new story created by my research and interaction with a space. I think that this type of expression can be helpful to those around me. Perhaps it can recall pleasant memories of a childhood home or it can cause one to pause and remember joy in the midst of despair. Maybe it can evoke a sense of pride in one’s homeland as the rich layers of history are visually expressed and on display.

Our world is amazing and I want to encourage people to explore it and find their stories in the landscapes they visit and reside in. In a time that is rushed and filled with pressure, we can lose this sense of self and story. How sad. I hope to remind people to stop and consider the deeper things, the things that make a person who he or she is.

Let’s journey together and find our stories.

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