The Many Layers of Me and My Art: Why I Started a Blog (Part 1)

I have watched people fall in love with my work as I have spent time explaining it, sharing its story and helping them find their story in the work. This is something they might have missed without my presence. Having a space to share my thoughts and ideas is important in getting to know me as an artist and also getting to know my work. My hope is that this blog will fill the gap when I cannot talk to a curious “sojourner” in person. Consider this our twice monthly coffee date.

What can you expect during our coffee dates? Well, if you haven’t already guessed, I will be talking about art. Surprise! Specifically, mine… but I plan on writing about more than just that. Here’s what I want to talk about:

My Story--These articles will share details about me as an artist and a mom. These two roles are rather intertwined and pretty entertaining. My boys are integral to my work, so you’ll be reading about their shenanigans from time to time and how it has shaped my work.

My Process and “Their” Story--In this group of articles, I will focus on sharing information regarding my unique techniques I’ve developed over the years and also share the stories of specific paintings from start to finish. They each have a tale to tell!

Your Story--Here, I will share stories of folks who have decided to collect my work and have found their own story in my work. I’ll also talk about different topics that go beyond art that might help you learn more about yourself and your story.

The Bigger Story--Lastly, I have a passion for using art to help change the world and in this section I will share stories about how I have done this in the past and what I am doing currently. Maybe, just maybe, you will want to come along for the adventure!

So, those are the my next article, I will start putting some meat on this structure by sharing a little bit more about me. Thanks for joining me on this journey! As I post, please feel free to let me know what YOU have questions about or what you want me to share about. I would like this blog to be a conversation...remember the coffee date analogy? That is far more interesting than talking to myself… but as my family knows, I do that quite a bit as well. But I’ll save more of that information for the next blog post.

Consider this our first meeting, even if it’s not...go ahead and introduce yourself! Tell me what you want to talk about during our time together.

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