My Unsung Hero

I really struggle to get out of bed in the morning. I would like to say it is because I’ve been up with my kids all night, but I can honestly say that I usually get between 7.5-9 hours of solid sleep a night (I know that some of you already hate me...I would hate me too.) I think a lot of it is simply psychological. I know as soon as I hit the floor, there will not be another quiet, still moment until I crash on that mattress 18 hours later. The one thing that helps me get out of bed in the morning is the warm cup of coffee that is on my bedside table. I do not have a maid (man, would that be nice), I have an amazing, selfless unsung hero.

He goes to work everyday, often doing tasks he finds scary and uncomfortable. He then comes home, and wrestles with our two boys while I get dinner ready. If I’m not too bristly, he’ll come over and ask me how my day was. On those days when he can feel the stress radiating from my body, he knows not to ask and just takes the boys to another room. Sometimes he’ll just wrap me in a hug. I’ll fight it for the first few seconds, but then I turn to mush and let his love and kindness pour over me. My unsung hero.

I’m also an artist and so my husband, without complaint, helps at art shows, builds panels to paint upon, and helping me solve problems with technology, etc. So I can pursue my dream of creating art that can be shared with the world, my husband selflessly watches our children. He also talks me off the ledge when I’m ready to give up due to a particularly bad show or week of application rejections. My unsung hero.

And do you know what my unsung hero does when he gets in bed after a long day? He reads his Bible. Every single night. As someone who struggles to do anything on consistent basis, I find this amazing and inspirational. Not only does he spend time in God’s word every night, he lives it out in the way he raises our children and quietly loves me.

No, he’s not perfect, and I know I spend more time grumbling and mentally criticizing his faults than I do singing his praises, so this is why I’m raising my voice now. Thank you, love, for being faithful, loving, and a reflection of our Savior. This is my song for you, my unsung hero.

Who is your unsung hero? Go ahead and sing a song for him.

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