Why Original Art Is Worth Its Weight in Gold . . .

You would think that my affirmation of the value of original art would be a no-brainer. Of course I would say it’s worth it! I’m an artist! But can I be honest? I wasn’t really sure until a couple months ago. Now I can say with certainty that it IS WORTH IT.

It happened during the studio tour. I was showing with a friend of mine who does plein air landscape painting. One of her collectors came in and fell in love with a fairly large piece. She ended up buying it and then came back to pick it up on the last day of the tour. While she waited for her new purchase to be wrapped up, she shared her story of why she became a collector, and it struck me profoundly.

She began collecting original work when her mother became sick and she had to spend most of her time caring for her. Apparently, her mother was not a pleasant person to care for and one of the ways she coped with the hardship was to take one of the paintings she purchased and hang it above her mother’s bed. When she was struggling and wanting to run, she could look at the painting and find comfort and solace there. It would bring her joy in the middle of the pain of watching her mother suffer.

Original art kept her going.

That is the power of art. Art with which you have a connection. I think we all know this, deep down, but if you’re like me, you have a hard time making that investment. We are so used to having flippant, short lived experiences with the things in our home, so why spend so much money on something I might not like in a year?

Original art is different.

If you connected with a certain piece of work and feel compelled to purchase it, I can almost guarantee that you will love that piece forever. I can attest to this in my collection of other artist’s work. Every time I look at my original Brian Richmond, Lele Galer, Jeff Schaller, Erica Brown, and Lorraine Glessner. I smile and sigh. I love their work, but I also have loved knowing them. Sometimes your love for original work has to do with the image and other times it has to do with the maker of that image. I’ve had some of these pieces for ten or more years and their appeal and attraction to me hasn’t changed a bit. Has my style? Yep. Has my own art preferences changed? You bet. But that hasn’t changed my feelings toward those pieces.

My purpose with this post is to direct us to consider a long term goal of really filling our homes with things that matter to us. (I'm preaching to myself too!) Things that have meaning and tell our story. That might be my work, it might be the work of another talented artist. If you have an artist you are following and you sense that their work might bring more meaning and joy to your home, don’t be afraid to purchase. You won’t regret it, I promise.

What do you think? Have you found original art to have more value and meaning to you? What has been your experience?

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