Letting Your Kiddos Call the Shots

I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, but I was all out of options, and desperate for some peace, so I let him lead the way.

Who was leading and where? That would be Lucas, my four year old, and he was leading us in an afternoon of play and creativity. We started by building a road with some random pieces of wood, followed by some coloring, and culminating in some serious twirling to Kidz Bop blaring in the living room. My trepidation in giving him control turned into a true aha moment for me.

I need to let my boys lead me.

As adults, we struggle so much to play and regain confidence in our creativity, but if you watch a young child (usually under the age of five), play and creativity are as natural as breathing. We always tell our children to follow good examples and it’s time we listen to our own advice and look at the experts in play. Time to let the kids lead, parents. Time to let them show us what they know, which is more than you think.

I’ve found that the more I allow my boys to lead me in random creative, playful acts, the easier it is for me to do the hard work of parenting. My heart is filled and so is their’s. My surrender of control has caused them to feel loved and respected and validated in their creativity. I have a feeling that this type of nurturing will lead to adults that don’t have to re-find their sense of creativity and play because they never felt the need to let it go. They have been told all along that it’s important and something to treasure.

Not only do I tend to be better parent when I allow them to lead, I learn all sorts of new ways to be creative and this directly affects my ability to problem solve in all the areas of my life from work, marriage, friendship, and community life. If I take fifteen minutes to stop my typing or painting and let the kids take me on a Lego building adventure or curious walk around the block, I come back with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of my ability to tackle something challenging. It’s truly amazing.

So, whether you have little people underfoot at all times, or you have a neighbor child who you know, let one of these little teachers show you the ropes to a more creative, full life. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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