A Love Letter to Art

Dear Art,

I don’t say it nearly enough. I love you and I’m thankful for you. I really do. I love how you have been such an integral part of my life, not only as a maker/artist, but as a woman, wife, and mother. You’ve shown up in movies, songs, books, performances, museums, public areas. You can be seen in small, subtle ways, but also in huge, expressive ways that knock my socks off. You continually inspire me and provoke me to see more clearly, think more deeply, and live more fully. Your personality is vast and I don’t know if I’ll have experience the full depth of you.

I love how you have kept me curious and full of wonder. Yes, you frustrate me and challenge me, but in good ways that help me be more of what I’ve been called to be. A maker, a creature that creates like the Maker who made me. I love how you are extravagant and audacious. You point to the beauty in the world. You are this amazing mix of essential and superfluous. When I think of living without you, I can hardly stand it. While life is not dependent on you, a full and joyful life is what you give when you are around.

You have helped me work through so many things...depression, diabetes, navigating marriage, raising kids. You haven’t solved my problems, but you have fed my soul with a beauty that gives me what I need to tackle these challenges. You have been there through the joys and the tears. I’ve worked with you to understand my beliefs and my feelings. You’ve given me so many ways to joyfully explore the intangible that makes life magical.

You’ve been especially generous and giving this past year. While life fell apart and shifted, you were there helping to hold not just me together, but our whole world. Your generosity and beauty is not conditional. You just show up and allow people to discover and experience you. No one has to earn your presence since you are not only in things we make, but you are visible all over the earth within which we live.

Keep being amazing, Art. I hope you know you are loved by me and I count you a dear friend. I will do my best to share how wonderful you are with those I know and love. They deserve to know you too.



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