Five Ways to Regain Your Word Magic

My eyes slowly peeled open as my alarm started ringing… oye. “Ok, don’t look at your phone, start by listening….start by praying…”

I did it, but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t magical. And this made me sad and also worried. I began the year with a word in mind. “Listen.” I would get up in the morning and immediately focus on my word, praying through it, practicing it and the results were astounding. I was more in tune with those around me, myself and my God. It was so thrilling! My word was working! But now that I’ve been at it for about a month, I’m seeing the thrill fade and things that used to get me all excited are becoming mundane and routine. Are you starting to feel that way too about your word? About your goals for the year?

Let’s just get one thing straight before I share some ideas I have on getting over this plateau.

Hitting a non-magical patch of road as you journey toward your goal and your desires IS COMPLETELY NORMAL and actually should be celebrated. If you are here, that means you’ve been working at your goal or your word beyond the honeymoon phase when everything is new and fun. Be grateful for that and celebrate that! Way to go!

That being said, you don’t have to stay here. You can regain the magic. Here’s five ways that will help:

1. Journal--I’ve found that when I write down the whys of my word and I write down how I’ve seen this word change my day to day, it helps me regain some sparks and keep going. This is a great place to write down one thing you can do each day to make the word you chose part of your life. For example: Today, I’m going to call my mom and instead of zoning out or multi tasking, I’m going to actively listen to what she is saying and I’m going to ask questions, etc. Or, today, I’m going to listen to my body. When it says it’s time to take a break, I’m going to do that. There is something powerful about writing down the swirling thoughts and aspirations in your mind. It gives them physical space and helps get things organized. Even if you’re not much of a journal junky, you can still write down a couple sentences each day to help you stay motivated.

2. Talk About It-- Verbalizing your word has a lot of the same magical mojo that writing does. When you talk about your word to others (or to yourself...yes, you can totally have conversations with yourself), it once again brings it to the forefront of life. Why do you think that psychologists and therapists focus so much on self-talk? Because what we verbalize has a profound affect on what we believe and what we pursue. If your word is losing some sparkle, start talking about it.

3. Make Something--We all make things. Some make more than others, but using your body and mind and heart to create something fuels you in ways that just talking and writing cannot. Create something related to your word, maybe a small doodle, a phone wallpaper montage, create a boutique of flowers that help you remember the beauty of your word, create an outfit that symbolizes your goal or your word. Make your word out of Legos! If you need some help with this, grab a kid. They are wonderful creators and they can get you started. Let them take the lead.

4. Get Accountable--When the rubber meets the road and your goal or your word is getting harder and harder to maintain, accountability is key. Find a good friend who knows you well and have them check in on you weekly or monthly to see how you are doing with your goal. Have them ask you questions you know will challenge you and have them push you to take some action steps to regain some sparkle (give them this article so they have some ready to use tools in their arsenal). You can do the same for them.

5. Set A Monthly Goal--Words and goals also can lose their steam when they are vague and unmeasurable. Take a look at your goal and see how you can break it into bitesize tasks on a monthly basis. For instance: if your word is “Inspire,” you can break that into a monthly action:

  • February: Do a talk to a group of students about a passion of yours.

  • March: Write a blog post or article about a current topic and how it’s affecting you and how you are moving through it. Share it with friends and family.

  • April: Join a book club and share your insights and encourage and celebrate the insights of others.

  • June: Plan a family trip to a location that will inspire and find ways during the trip to encourage and nurture your family members.

Life is not magical all the time and it’s no wonder that our goals and dreams for the year start fading when routine and everyday life sets in. But with a little intentionality and some perseverance, the things we hold dear can stay where they need to the top of the list. Let’s keep pushing forward and make the most out of this year.

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