Our Imperfect, Messy, Wonderful Stories

We often don't think about our lives as stories. We keep that lofty title for folks that lived extraordinary, uber interesting or successful stories that make money in the form of books, blogs, and videos. But the truth is that each and every person on this planet has a story whether it's been published or not.

A messy, imperfect and absolutely beautiful story.

What would happen if we started celebrating, telling and trusting our stories?

Here’s a couple thoughts:

Celebrate Your Story--Every person I have encountered has a story to share and it usually isn’t a clean, happy tale with no twists or turns. That would be pretty boring anyway, so I think it’s interesting that when we look at the stories we love and cherish, we forget that our own lives have the same elements that make up a good story: a hero, a guide, conflict, trials, relationships, overcoming… We fuss and fume when our stories hit areas of conflict and unexpected changes, when relationships are tested or the hero (you) doesn’t know what to do next. All these things are elements of great stories! The absence of them leads to a shallow tale that has no growth or interest. I would have thrown that book away a long time ago.

What if we learn to celebrate and look at these parts of our lives like the blessings they are…. The plot twists that shape and form the hero into the rich character that was intended by the Author.

Celebrating your story is all about your mindset about it and how you are choosing to look at it. Take some time to evaluate how you currently feel about your story and consider how you can choose a different perspective. This takes work and time, so be patient with yourself as you make this mind-shift.

Tell Your Story--Living a story is a whole lot harder than reading one. It is hard to detach from the plot when you are in the middle of it. This is why sharing our stories with each other is so important. When it comes out in words and on paper, you can see it more clearly. You start seeing themes and patterns you didn’t see where there before. It's like having a view from an airplane. You can see the whole landscape.

Trust Your Story-- You are the hero of your story, but you are not the author. Yes, the hero gets to make choices and respond to his/her circumstances...this is definitely your super power, but there are so many things that you can't control. You didn’t choose what time you would be born into. You didn’t choose what family dynamic you would experience. You didn’t choose what country you would call home. You didn’t choose what physical problems you would have or how you would look. You didn’t choose your personality. The Author did that. And while this may unnerve you and make you indignant that I’m suggesting that you aren’t calling the shots in this story, I hope you will take a moment to consider that this is the best news ever. You are in good hands! Since you are not in control of this story, you can’t write it wrong. That takes a huge weight off, doesn’t it? You don’t have to know what to do next, the Author knows that. You don’t have to know how the whole story will turn out or resolve...the Author knows. And here’s what you can be sure of:

  • The Author is good.

  • The Author is trustworthy.

  • The Author is a really good writer.

  • The Author isn’t using you for His benefit. He loves you and sees a hero in there that is just waiting to come out and do great things.

Trust the Author to write a good story. Trust the story He has written for you and get to know Him. In this life, we get the opportunity to talk over our story with the Author. That’s not something heroes in our books can do!

Your story is beautiful and also unfinished. So is mine. I hope you’ll keep walking through your story, trusting that the Author knows what He’s doing. I hope you tell your story and listen to the stories of others. I hope you start to look at your plot twists with anticipation and excitement rather than dread and despair.

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