Artist Statement

We all have a story.  Unique and incomplete until we leave this world. Even then, our stories live on in written words, captured images, designs, symbols.   Places and landmarks that serve as the settings of these stories also remain and become connection points for past and present narratives.  These places now hold their own stories.   My work is founded on a love of story and a quest to find connection between our own stories and how they intersect and build the ever changing stories of the landscapes around us.  


Through the layering of text, photographs, maps and symbols, I bring the story of a place to bear while using oil paint to express the transient nature of time.  By using transparent glazes, suggestive strokes and small areas of clarity and detail, I invite you to come close, pause and find the underlying layers of story that make up the painting and while doing so, discover a part of your own story.  


It is my hope that my work gives you a new lens with which to see the world around you, helps rediscover harmony and beauty in the dissonance and provides you with a constant presence of transcendent beauty in your space. 



Copyright © 2017 Amelia Furman

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