Artist Statement

Life is about layers creating a whole and my work exudes this same idea.

I have been enamored with creating, problem solving, and the artistic manipulation of materials since childhood.  My mother can attest to my intense focus as I would take my everyday surroundings and attempt to turn them into the world I saw so vividly in my mind.

As my artistic vision developed, I felt compelled to deepen my understanding of the multi-layered relationships between places, people, feelings, and objects.  Since I function on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, I feel my artwork should do the same.  I strive to understand things in a very holistic fashion, looking at all levels of thought, feeling, and existence.

I  work in multiple layers that speak to the various ideas, responses, and even subconscious reactions that a place, person, or object can activate.  The subject matter that I choose to paint always has a personal connection, whether it is somewhere I’ve been, someone I know, or something I own. The materials I choose to include in my paintings are often commercial reproductions and publications that are closely connected to the location represented in the image, or found papers and objects around my own home.

I find great joy in bringing a piece to life by creating associations of word, image, color, and texture with the main subject.  It’s a process that I have some control over, but I’m always amazed by the final product.  Part of the beauty of seeing the completed work is finding things in my paintings that I didn’t know existed before.  

Copyright © 2017 Amelia Furman

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